Beverley Bouchard- Labor & Postpartum Doula, CPST

Have you ever just sat and listened to someone talk? It doesn't matter what they are saying, you have been transported away to the most serene, beautiful place you can imagine?  That's what its like when our newest Affiliate Doula speaks.  When Beverley talks to you, you know by what she's saying and how she says it that you are in the calmest, most capable hands in. the. world. We are so pleased to introduce:

Beverley Bouchard, Doulas of Fredericksburg Affilate Doula, Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Child Passenger Safety Technician

What are your passions?
I think my passion revolves around guiding women to better relationships (spousal and parental) and better births. As such, I came to birth and postpartum work as another way to build up and encourage women at such vulnerable time.

You and your husband raised 5 children (including a few you adopted), and fostered more than 100 others when they needed it.  Tell us what parenting is like, from someone who has really been through it all. Is it worth it?
Absolutely!!! I think my experiences as a mother were, and still are, quite varied; such delight to see the way my adult children interact and nurture each other and the community. And yet such pain at the loss of our 6 year old daughter and watching when your kids made hard choices in their lives.

How would your kids describe you these days?
Some of the words my children use to describe me when asked, kind, loving, patient, fair, faithful empathetic, sympathetic and tenderhearted. And lover of chocolate.

What do you like to watch or read?
I don't really watch TV and many of the books and articles I read are related to birth and child development. I do enjoy knitting and sewing though.

Where did you get your education?
My education began in the UK my degree in childcare and development, is equivalent to an Associates. I have taken numerous classes over the years for treatment foster parenting; Red Cross, Neonatal Resuscitation Program,  Child Passenger Safety Technician, and now cross certifying with ProDoula. I have extensive experience with children born with a Congenital Heart Disease. 

You've been there and done that for just about ALL kinds of parenting.  What advice would you give to a new mom?
I would heartily recommend she do all she can to stay in bed or close to her bed for 2 stay on one level of the house and just bask in her new role as a mommy, to fall in love with her baby, to give her body the time it needs to recuperate and to allow her hormones and emotions to adjust without the added stresses of every day life. And, thus to accept all help offered, especially if some one offers to pay for (the unbiased guidance of) a Postpartum Doula. I mean, you held your baby for 9 months, why stop now?

What's a great local resource for birthing women?
Me!  I believe my experiences, trainings and varied interactions allow me to be in the moment for each woman as she enters the time of birth, and after when she's at home with her baby. My extensive experience as a doula has led me to a great familiarity with the medical community here.  There is a care provider for just about everyone, and I know them all in and out.

Tell us one thing about you we'd never know just from looking at you.
One thing you may not know about husband is my only boyfriend.  We've been married for 34 years and he's still the most supportive and encouraging person I know!

If you would like Beverley to sweet talk you through labor and delivery, or to help you fix your postpartum life up just so, or even if you would like a car-seat safety check, give us a call at 540-300-1102 and we'll be happy to set you right up!

Victoria McCollum

Victoria McCollum is a birth and postpartum doula and owner of Doulas of Fredericksburg, in Fredericksburg, Virgina. She resides there with her husband and three precocious sons.