The Midwives at Rappahannock Women's Health Center

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**UPDATE** 6/9/2017-- Julie Weathers and Dana Taylor are still seeing patients at Rappahannock Women's Health, but will be moving to a new practice in Richmond later this summer.

Fredericksburg’s newest and most experienced midwife team.

That’s what you’re getting now with Julie Weathers having relocated to Rapphannock Women’s Health Center to work with a long-time colleague, Dana Taylor. We recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with them, and get some of your most frequently asked questions answered.

1) Julie Weathers and Dana Taylor are thrilled to be working together as May 1 st , 2016.

  • They intend to work together interchangeably with the same philosophy and practice style, to be able to offer 24/7 midwifery care to any woman who seeks it.

2) They offer excellent care to the whole woman, through all stages of life.

  • These nurse-midwives enjoy the pregnancy phase of a woman’s life, but also happily provide well-women care to women before and after their childbearing years as well.

3) They will be continuing to assist women who choose to deliver at Mary Washington Hospital.

  • This comes as no surprise to their current patients, but they have been backing each other up unofficially for years. The next logical step was to officially work as a team.

4) Co-working with the Rappahannock Physicians allows women that may have “risk-out” of midwifery care to be co-managed so they can still have a midwife if that is their desire.

  • Julie and Dana operate under the assumption that pregnancies are normal until they present otherwise. But, if someone is or becomes a high-risk patient, the midwives can likely still see them for maternity care and match them with one of the excellent OBs in their office who can help manage the larger medical concerns.

5) Julie and Dana carry a combined 15 years of experience caring for pregnant women in Fredericksburg.

  • Julie started her midwifery career in Fredericksburg in 2004 and is looking forward to continuing to see patients next to Dana who has built a great midwifery practice of her own over the past five years.

6) Both Dana and Julie are humbled by the birth process.

  • Their Philosophy: Midwives attend birth. Momma’s deliver babies. Not to minimize their role in attending birth because they both feel they have a very important role at a birth as skilled practitioners providing clinical expertise to their patients.

7) Time makes all the difference.

  • They take pride in having the time to spend with their patients. They take the time to reassure a first-time mom and help her build her confidence. These midwives practice with a philosophy that the best care they can offer their patients is patience whether it be in the office setting or when waiting on a baby to arrive.

8) Birth is always about the birthing woman.

  • They practice together with a focus on the woman in front of them. In 20-years, they don’t care if you remember their names, but want you to be able to look back and feel positive, educated, and empowered in your birth experience.

9) Everybody deserves a midwife. Everybody.

  • Everyone who wants one should have access to one. It’s for moms who want to be active participants in their birth experiences.

10) They are ready and waiting to assist in your women’s health.

  • Julie Weathers and Dana Taylor are now both accepting new patients at Rappahannock Women’s Health Center, and help those patients deliver at Mary Washington Hospital. Please contact their offices at (540) 374-3100 to make an appointment for care.

Victoria McCollum

Victoria McCollum is a birth and postpartum doula and owner of Doulas of Fredericksburg, in Fredericksburg, Virgina. She resides there with her husband and three precocious sons.