My Midwife is Moving... Now What?

By now, news has broken all over Fredericksburg that our three longest running nurse-midwives, Julie Weathers  and Dana Taylor (at Rappahannock Women's Health) and Lee-Ann Parker (at Generations of Women) are all moving their care to Richmond to be the first ever midwife group to serve patients at St. Mary's Hospital.

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But What Now?

I remember being 36 weeks pregnant when my midwife disappeared, and it wasn't that long ago that we had a major shift in midwives here in The 'Burg.  So we at The Virginia Baby Company wanted to make it clear that you still have great options for pregnancy care, even with the midwives' moving.

Option 1: Follow them

Richmond can seem so far away, but it is a much easier drive than heading into Northern VA, and St. Mary's Hospital is at the North-West end of Richmond, so it's wouldn't be that difficult.  If you wanted to, you can still see the midwives you've come to know and love, at a phenomenal hospital that is consistently rated as Richmond's favorite place to have a baby.

Option 2: See Another Fredericksburg Midwife

As of the publishing of this blog, there are two midwives in Fredericksburg who see patients and deliver at hospitals in the immediate area:

Option 3: Stay with Your Current Practice

Just because your midwives are moving on, doesn't mean you have to.  Even if you were seeing your midwife exclusively, you have always been a patient of the doctors of that practice, and there are some excellent obstetricians at Rappahannock Women's Health Center and Generations of Women.  Sometimes you just don't have the energy to move elsewhere-- that is ok too!

Think about Hiring A Doula

We know that people create can close connections with their care providers, and when those care providers move on, it can leave us feeling kind of empty, even with a new, great doctor to step in an manage the medical care. If you are wanting continuous presence, to be certain you are going to know someone who will be at your birth, or who can help you after the birth, once you come home, we suggest hiring a doula.

Our doulas will be there for you to help smooth this transition, whether it is during your birth or home with baby, you can count on us to be there for you, to answer your questions, and to walk with you every step of the way from the moment you sign a contract with us.  And because our agency model is sustainable for doulas, you can rest assured that our agency will be here for you, no matter which provider you choose.


To make continuous support more accessible no matter which pregnancy care option you choose,

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we are offering a 10% discount to allpatients (current or former) of Julie Weathers, Dana Taylor and Lee-Ann Parker through the end of 2017. 

**Discount is honored based on date of contract signing, not time of service, so even newly-pregnant people can take advantage of this rare offer! Call us today at 540-300-1102 to set up all of the support you need!

Victoria McCollum

Victoria McCollum is a birth and postpartum doula and owner of Doulas of Fredericksburg, in Fredericksburg, Virgina. She resides there with her husband and three precocious sons.