Personalized Education for an Informed Birth Experience

While The Virginia Baby Co. is an agency primarily focused on the needs of a new family, we know how the foundation of a positive birth experience can set the stage for confident, comfortable parents.

With our combined professional experience and advanced degrees in Curriculum Writing and Instruction, we have created several classes to meet your educational needs as you look toward having a baby.

With our interactive and dynamic instruction you will navigate through different methods and styles of childbirth to find what works best for you. You will walk away with the knowledge and confidence to feel secure in your upcoming birth experience.


The Whole Shebang!

A Comprehensive Childbirth Class

       PRIVATE LESSONS- $550          

The Virginia Baby Co - Childbirth Education 3

This is not your mom's birth class!  We've taken a variety of different birth styles and goals, and created a complete childbirth class, to be taught in the privacy of your own home where you can ask all of the personal and intimate questions you need from your trained Child Birth Educator This 12-hour class covers everything you need to know about setting goals for childbirth, the A-Zs of pregnancy and birth, taught in a way that speaks to you.  Topics include:

  • The whats and whys of pregnancy and birth (Anatomy and Physiology)
  • What is that baby doing in there anyway?  (Fetal growth and change)
  • How to eat and exercise for two (Nutrition and Fitness for Pregnancy)
  • Vocabulary to facilitate communication with your care provider
  • Helping you shape the role of your birth partner
  • Unlocking the secrets of labor with relaxation and comfort measures
  • Standards of practice at your birth location
  • Prepping for postpartum
  • Home with baby and newborn care
  • And so much more!

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The Virginia Baby Co - Childbirth Education 4

Basics Not Included

An Advanced refresher course

$175 (Private Classes Only)

These courses are for parents who have had CBE before, but were left unsatisfied, or feel like you might just want a refresher this time around.  One 4-hour session will be tailored to your needs and scheduled at your pleasure.  This isn't a basics course, so some familiarity with the process of birth is important to get the most from this class.  This is also a great course for moms who are familiar with the ins and outs of childbirth, but are planning a C-section this time around.

Custom Prenatal Help

For families delivering without a doula


Workshops and consultations for families who want help preparing for the birth, but who don't need a whole series of classes and aren't looking for face-to-face labor support.  We can teach you comfort measures, how to articulate your birth wishes, help you find the right obstetric care provider or pediatrician who is going to be open to your style, writing a birth strategy or  postpartum plan, etc.  We happily serve as your link to the birthing and parenting communities from Arlington to Richmond and Charlottesville.



Coming Soon: Online Classes to Fit Your Schedule