The Virginia Baby Co Placenta Encapsulation

Old-World Roots

...with the care and attention to the modern family.

Placenta Encapsulation is the process of preparing the placenta for consumption by a woman who has recently given birth.  It's origins are based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where placenta is used to balance and warm the body after the difficult work of growing a baby and giving birth.  Typically, the placenta is processed and prepared in capsules for a mother to take.

Today, The Virginia Baby Company provides more than merely the balancing and tonifying effects of the placenta, we have created Comprehensive Cleaning and Care service, performed in the comfort of your home, where our highly trained and experienced Postpartum Placenta Specialists are available for all of your postpartum needs.  As you rest and bond with your baby, your PPS will clean your kitchen, discretely process your placenta, and answer any questions you might have about healing and care of your newest addition.

The Virginia Baby Co. is pleased to be able to add this comprehensive service for our clients’ health and recovery.

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What surprised me most was the lack of smell. Also, I do feel more even-toned after I’ve taken my capsules.
— Veronica, 3rd time mom