Ease the Transition from Pregnancy to Family

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Babies are beautiful, sleepy, snuggle-y creatures that can wreak havoc on life as we know it.   It doesn't matter how much we prepare, or how many times we've done this before, each new baby is different, amazing and a wee-bit terrifying.

Our Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas can offer some relief, just the thing to help smooth that transition as the needs of your family get a little bit bigger.

When will my baby sleep?  I'm so tired! 

My partner goes back to work soon, what am I going to do then with this baby on my own? 

When do we start pumping for when *I* go back to work?

This is supposed to be a blissful time full of snuggles and kisses! WHAT IS GOING ON?

Our Postpartum Doulas appreciate the stress and pressure a family feels when bringing a new baby home, and are here to offer suggestions, advice and an extra set of hands just when you need it the most.

We are trained, skilled and experienced in all kinds of questions and concerns that arise as your tiny dictator, *ahem* your beautiful bundle comes home and demands to be fed and held in a seemingly endless cycle of keeping you awake and guessing. 

You are already a *rockstar* parent.  It's our job is to make you shine!

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  • Need some extra sleep?  Absolutely you do!  We'll hold down the fort until you've rested and are feeling like yourself again.
  • Need some breastfeeding support?  We've got you covered.
  • Want a home-cooked meal and a clean kitchen? Oh yeah, we take care of that!
  • "Is this normal?"  Whatever it is, we know all of that (and if we don't we can refer you to the people who do)!
  • Need a few weeks to not have to think about anything other than bonding with your baby?  That's our specialty!
  • How to I transition my baby as I go back to work? We can help organize and strategize feeding and sleeping schedules as you prepare to return to your career.
  • What can I do to help my baby sleep? Newborns have their own schedules, but we can help you work it into your life!
  • Does Big Brother or Big Sister need some extra attention?  We can help them adjust or care for your newest addition while you spend time with your older children.
  • Can I get some help even if I didn't just give birth? We care not how your family grows, only that you have the support you need to feel confident while it does.  We happily work with Intended Parents, Single parents, Surrogate parents, adoptive parents, grandparents through your baby's first year.

Do you remember the last time you slept through the night?

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Breakfast in bed after a night full of good rest?  Yep, we can do that.  In fact, our most coveted After Baby Package provides you and your partner five nights of sleep while we tend to your babies and offer the support and assistance you need to bond with your growing family.  But we aren't just available overnight, you can use our services during the day too, to have a trained professional available to assist with feeding the baby, or even just to care for your family and home while you take a shower in peace.


when will my baby sleep

"When can you get here?"

As soon as you decide you want our help, we will begin working to provide assistance from as little as 5 hours a day or 10 hours at night. Soon, your Doula will even be available for short-term live-in care. Just a few hours with our Postpartum Doulas will help transform you from Sleep Deprived People to the Super Family you already are!

All you have to do is call.