ProDiet 2018



Joining Requirements

  • You must be a member of ProDoula or a spouse to participate in this contest.
  • Your (or your spouse’s) Membership in ProDoula must be current and remain in good standing.  You may join at any time and partake of the bi-weekly winnings and Grand Prize contest


  • There is a one time, upfront fee of $125 to participate NO MATTER when you decide to join. 
  • ONLY EXCEPTION: Early Bird Pricing of $110 is good until Nov. 14th.


  • Each month, there will be two bi-weekly winners who take home ¼ of the month’s dues based on the largest percentage of body weight lost since the previous weigh-in.
  • The remaining ½ of the dues collected each month will be put into the pot for the Grand Prize to be announced at the ProDoula Dare to Dream 2018 Conference.
  • Any dues paid in after the start of Nov. 1st will be pro-rated into the Grand Prize pot, and extra dues will be allotted to the 2nd and 3rd place over-all winners, divided up in a 60/40 split.

In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize:

  1. You must have paid your dues and be a member of the group.
  2. You must weigh-in at least twice.
  3. Your ProDoula Membership Must Remain in Good Standing.
  4. You cannot be preparing for or recovering from weight-loss surgery or birth.
  5. You do not need to be present at the conference to win the Grand Prize, but we encourage everyone in ProDiet to come, as we will be celebrating the wins of all of the members who participate the entire time, while your friends and supporters cheer for you!

All ProDiet 2018 Members are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE if there are at least two weigh-ins on record and they have remained a ProDoula Member in Good Standing.

How It Works

  1. We will weigh-in on the 1st and the 15th of each month for the bi-weekly prizes.
  2. You will need to PM a photo of your feet on the scale to Tracy Hudson for each weigh-in by the end of the weigh-in date.
  3. Tracy will privately calculate each participant’s percentage of weight lost during the weigh in period.  Prizes will be awarded based on PERCENTAGE of weight lost.
  4. Check the board for the winners the day after the weigh-in.
  5. NEW IN 2018: While we understand that breaks from Social Media are often beneficial for people as individuals, we will not be providing alternative methods for submitting your weigh-ins or informing people of the weigh-in results.  If you want to participate, you must be willing to use FB messenger and the FB Prodiet Group twice a month.  If you want to take a break, and rejoin us only occasionally, we understand that too, and you are welcome to come and go from the FB group as you need to.  Your dues will not be refundable, however.

First Weigh-in: Nov 5th, 2017           Final Weigh-in: October 1st 2018

Weigh-in Regulations

  • You will be allowed to weigh-in early as necessary, but we reserve the right to disallow weigh-ins if we feel that option is being abused.
  • Because we know not all health goals are reflected on the scale, we are also asking for “before” photos of your whole body (fully clothed of course), which we might share with an after photos at the conference (with your permission).
  • In order to be eligible for the bi-weekly weigh-in prizes, you must weigh in two weigh-ins in a row.
  • Percentage of overall weight lost (or gained) each month will be shared with the group, winners will be shared with the ProDoula Certification Group, but your actual weight in pounds or kilos will remain private and will never be shared.


Sadly, we cannot at this time accommodate members who are preparing for or who have had weight loss surgery in our contest. You are welcome to join for the same entry fee for support, but will not be eligible for prizes.

Pregnant Members:

If you are pregnant, we ask that you wait two months after the birth of your baby to join our program, to give your body time to heal, and to lose the water weight that you may be carrying.  

Also, there will be no refunds for dues for pregnancy that occurs during the course of the contest.


We are not weight loss professionals or doctors.  You should discuss with your care provider the best strategies to use to help create the healthiest you.  Any advice given in this group is given in the spirit of support from one friend to another.  It is not intended to replace to subvert any medical advice.

All members of the ProDiet Leadership are active members of this community. They pay dues and are eligible to win the contests like anyone else.  Their positions are entirely voluntary and they are not compensated for their work.

ProDiet Leadership:

Secretary: Tracy Hudson
Treasurer: Susan Troy

Cheerleaders: YOU!

Positions to be filled: Engagement Committee (3), Historian Committee (2)


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